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      I've recently been using the Merax "DVD Case Inserts Matte" which I bought from B&H, and quite frankly, they are a pain in the neck to use, and I can't seem to find any other DVD Case Inserts.

      These Merax things have the perforations set at odd area's, and even when I tell the computer that it is an A4-type paper, I still end up with a strip of white down one side, and I can't seem to get the image to shift over and aligned correctly.

      Anyone know if Avery makes DVD Case Inserts and where I could find them?  (On Amazon.ca I see the Avery ones going for $91 for a pack of 25—I think that's kind of high for high resolution paper, especially when Avery's other high resolution paper products, such as their business card stock, are usually in the $10 to $20 range.)

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      Google DVD Case Inserts and you'll find a lot of places selling them for far cheaper than $91.



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      I bought a paper cutter and just trim to fit, whether I print my own inserts or have them run off somewhere on a color copier. I put tape on the cutting board and marked where the cuts go. Once you have a template in Photoshop and have the cutting board marked, very simple and inexpensive process.


      Jeff Pulera

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      Two methods I use for case inserts.

      1) Use MS Word, or Open Office (free) or another word processor and work with booklet format on regular 8.5"x11" cheap paper.  Set up 2 columns, learn where bottom margin is.  You can center on page in proper format, but then you have to make a cut top and bottom.  I just set side and bottom margins wide, set for 2 columns, and go for it.  MS Word has a booklet template.  Can use any cheap paper in the rack, or heavier as is best for your presentation.  I have a printer that does auto duplex and have to set it up to duplex "on the short side."  Work with it and once you have it it works for all future projects.  No special paper needed.  Set margins for side and bottom, print duplex, then I fold first and cut on 3 sides.  A roller cutter does a much better job without wandering than a desktop knife type cutter.

      2) Get a saddle stapler if you have more than one page.  This is a cheap stapler that puts the staple right in the fold.  Two staples and done.  


      For large runs get a commercial printer to do it for you.  For short runs, do it yourself.


      Email me or ask and I will attach my last 2 page 8.5"x11", cut to make 4 page insert for my last project.  It was for a school concert and just listed all the students (I'll block out real names), so I just used regular 20 lb bond.  Very simple and the cutting is less hassle and MUCH less expense than using special sized paper.  Can print on glossy or thicker stock if you want.

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      I use standard matte photo paper, around $6 for a 50 pk.  I also have a Photoshop template I use, just create it to print a little bigger to cut off the edges and lot leave a white border.  Just using a basic roller type paper cutter works well.  It takes just as long to break off the excess pieces from a perforated DVD insert, and I think the edges are cleaner when they're cut. 

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      Have you tried "Neato.com"?

      I user their DVD case insert (Glossy) 859128.

      and their DVD case booklets (PhotoMatte) 181509.


      I've been thinking about going back to the Glossy inserts because the PhotoMatte were recently thinned out and they jam occassionally in my Epson Artisan 1430.


      That's the best I've seen so far with out having to chew up a lot of valuable time making my own.

      I forget the price but they are cheaper than what you are paying (I think they were about $40 per 100.


      Hope this helps

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      I was getting my case inserts from Supermediastore.com. 50 Sheets of Matte @14mm. for $10.99.

      Beautiful stock, neatly perforated, and easy to use. That is on my old Epson Artisan 50. My new Epson 837 would jam. Switched to 7mm and it jams only occasionally. But doesn't perforate as well. Recently tried Avery matte white 20 sheets at 20 bucks. Ok stock, easy to work with, but at that price I've gone the paper cutter route. Don't have photoshop so I do miss not being able to print borderless.

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