Dust spots on 4K video

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      I got back from vacation, edited 9 minutes into my video, and found that there was a rather large dust spot on my sensor or lens. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good technique to get rid of this. There’s a lot of moving/panning footage and I’ve tried masking the dot and putting another copy of the track below, offset by just a little. Unfortunately, this hasn’t worked.


      I’ve heard virtual dub and the delogo filter can help me, but would rather stick to using something in the editing software if possible. I’m using Sony Vegas Pro 13 – basic I know, but it’s been great for this particular project so far.


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      Thanks for your help!

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      My guess is that no one has responded to your plea for help because no one has an answer. Having used Vegas since 2009 I can pretty well assure you that there is no “magic bullet” in the software — or any other editing software that I know of for that matter — that will remove the damage from dirt on the lens. The delogo filter is marginally effective in blurring out a small logo at the corner of a shot sequence but I seriously doubt it would be an improvement to your problem.

      You indicate you are shooting in 4K. You might try taking advantage of the tremendous amount of data this provided and try re-framing your shots by panning/zooming to marginalize the position of the spot as much as possible.

      Since this is vacation footage and not paid work for a client you could make light of the spot with a disclaimer at the beginning of the footage, suggesting that the dust devils struck and left evidence of their passing by smudging your lens.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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