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      Hey Everyone. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me reproduce the video effect used in this Frank Ocean video. Thanks in advance!

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      That has to be the worlds most boring video ever! I was waiting for something to happen, and it just didn't!

      There's no real trick here, just lots of work with layers, mattes and masks. I use Premiere, but the other real editors can do this. Although in this video, with no closeups, you could just have found somebody vaguely similar and nobody would notice. What you do is lock the camera down so you have no movement at all, and everything remains in place. The moving elements you then identify, and you chop out bits of one image and overlay the other. The work comes when the two subjects start to get close and at some point cross – this means a constantly moving mask, that can go in front of the other, allowing the two subjects to cross each other, or climb the tower etc. At some point the crossover will have you zoomed right in, tweaking the edges to make them fluid and real. It's not complicated, but very, very tiresome and fiddly. I don't have the patience, because you get 95% of the work done quickly, then spend a day on just a few frames. The proper editors can automate the tracking and edge finessing, but still need you to tweak.


      what do you edit with?


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