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      Hi everyone,

      So at the moment im in england i am studing a course called video and sound technology.I am loooking to by a camera for video mainly.My budget is around £500 but i am not sure what to get.I know i have few choices though.

      So I am going to be using this camera mainly for my video projects to get more and more experiance with camera operating and later bringing it for editing it in avid software.

      It's improtant to me that the camera will have a good quality video (film look) and also good audio recording quality or an input for external microphone.

      So i am thinking of buying something within thease three categories : 

      Canon 600d or 700d
      Nikon: d5100 or d3200
      I like dslr becouse you can tweak a lot of the cameras setting and it will give a very high quality video.Also what i like in dslr's is lenses i was thinking of geting prime lens with dslr.

      Go Pro
      Black Edition
      I have seen a lot of video fottage from go pro and the video quality is amazing.It's also very nice that there is a lot of mounts and i could attach it to anything.It also waterproof and very usefull for complex shots and diffucult scenes.I could take it anywhere with me but the problem is that i dont know if i would get too much camera operating experiance with it I dont know if i re able to tweak its settings.

      I was also thinking of getting a camcorder of course a hd one sony or panasonic one maybe canon i am not sure.I have heard that for the bugdet that i have it's not worth beocuse i am not going to get such high quality like dslr but the thing is that camcorders are made for video and dslr more for photography so i am not sure.

      Thank you all for reading this post.

      Any suggetions in what camera i should buy for 500 pounds would be greatfull.

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      Hi Xerax, while you said you were video and sound technology you don't say what your main intrest/focus area is I would have thought that that would give you the answer. But that said to answer your question my thoughts as follows.


       –  PRO: You will get a much better understanding of ISO, Shutter, f/deapth of field,
          100x more flexable, expandable & upgradeable
       –  CON: Short rec time, Lots of extra bits needed to make it work fully (sound/lenses/rigs etc)
          bigger learning curve, not a real video camera (Just saying* I love mine)


      Go Pro Black Edition
       –  PRO: Take anywhere, water/snow

       –  CON: Fisheye, poor audio, needs lots of light


       –  PRO: Faster setup, Longer record, Much better for quick shoots

       –  CON: only ONE lens (normaly) can't upgrade or expand.


      Again your long term aims and main intrest/focus area should for define the camera you buy, here are my thoughts and justifcations;

      Documentry = Camcorders, Faster more reliable setup, much longer recording, much better for quick shoots where you may only get ONE chance to get the shot

      Writer = Camcorders, I want to see my ideas and how does it flow not learn all the knobs and buttons

      Movie Director/DP (Camera)/ Audio = DSLR  as you'll get a much better understanding of ISO, Shutter, f/deapth of field and all the arty/tech stuff.

      Action/Sports = GoPro for water/snow/skiing nothing under $1000 comes close.


      I don't know if I've helped, just my 2 cents ~ Pete



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      Thank you very much that was very helpfull


      After i read your post i think that you're shooting your video with DSLR i am not 100% sure though.Well at the moment i would get a DSLR too becouse if you know how to use it you can get really amazing results and after a little bit of editing in avid you can get a film look too.I am mad into camera operating and editing so i would like to skill up in those areas.


      From what i ve read in your post DSLR would help me achieve it becouse i can playaround with it's setting to get a good high quality footage to play around in post but they are more expensive and there is still lot to buy to it.


      GoPro's usability is great beocuse you're able to get realy complex and difficult shots and they are less expensive but then as you said they have bad audio quality(is there microphone input?) and low light performance.


      Camcorders are in the middle becouse they don't shoot such a great quality video like DSLR but you can trust them in manny situations. The problem is that i dont really yet know what is my main area of focus, at the moment i might go for Film look or Neature video or sports video.


      GoPro is very atractive beoucse of the shots it can take but i think i will buy a DSLR at this stage. Which do u think should i get Canon or Nikon? if canon is it worth spending 100 pounds more for 700d or just buy 600d ?

      thank you


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      Concidering your course of study, I'd encourage you to get the cheapest camera body, better glass and some basic sound gear.  Given the the budget I would concider the Canon EOS 650D or Nikon D3200, then look for one prime (Canon nifty 50 f1.8 or equilvelnt Nikon/nikor) and a cheeper general zoom IE: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens, (you could get the zoom as a Kit/deal with the body)   NOTE I'm only listing Canon lenses because I know them better, also look at the Panasonic G3 camera as a Kit with 14-42mm lens,  the Panasonic uses a  Micro Four Thirds lens mount this could let also let you get older second hand prime lenses cheaper on Ebay.

      Then get a somthing like a WIRED Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Condenser $25-35 (AMAZON) direct into the camera or save up a bit more for a Rode VideoMic $200+ throw in a budget tripod and this would give you that technical abilty make semi-serious video. 


      If you look on youtube you find lots of wonderful videos shot on very basic bodys.  –

      ALWAYS – Glass, Sound gear & Practice.


      And yes I have a Canon DSLR, but for where you are and what your doing any of the above cameras will work just fine


      Just my 2 cents ~ Peter

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      Great!! Thank you very much that was very helpfull


      I am not so much into Compact System Cameras but i like that idea with Canon 650d i was looking at this camera just now and i have to say its great and it's middle way betwen nearly the same as 700d but still a lot better than 600d,is it? 


      So if i will go for Canon 650d body http://www.amazon.co.uk/electronics/dp/B0089V4CHO, do you think i should get a prime lens as well ? I found this one Canon nifty 50 f1.8 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Canon-50mm-F1-8-Lens-Mk11/dp/B00006H1R6 it's only  around 100 pounds,it'a good price but it's 50 mm so it will be zomed in quite a bit that means i will have to keep at a distance from the subjects im filming.I would love to get one that's a bit wider than that but i know that lower focal lenghts costs more.Stil i think it will do becouse i am not sure if i will be able to buy canon 650d with kit lens and prime lens for 500pounds.What you think?


      Also for audio, does 650d have any microphone built in? i hope it does anyway beocuse i am thinking of saving up for a Rode Video Mic.I have tripod allready so this will do me for now.


      Thank you again this post was very helpfull and looking forword to your reply according the lenses

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      Although I've seen NUMEROUS shots from a GoPro on " reality " TV, they are usually short cut-aways or close-ups. They are of high-enough quality to successfully intercut with the main video flow; but as I understand them, they are the equivalent to the old Kodak box cameras; ie, one fixed lense, and little or no control over exposure time or f-stop. I can't imagine using a GoPro as a single, main camera . . . . . . although, now that I think a bit more about it, it might be interesting to create and shoot a project solely with one or more GoPro's . . . . .

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      Yes GoPro has very high quality and it would be great to shoot some complex shots and playaround with it but there is little control over the exposure settings so i will i think i will end up buying a DSLR-Canon 650d πŸ™‚


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      You can also read the reviews on cheap and better gopro alternative cameras
      I found SONY AS50 here https://findthedecision.com/best-gopro-alternatives/ and bought it for 160$ only

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      [quote=Xerax]…Also for audio, does 650d have any microphone built in? i hope it does anyway beocuse i am thinking of saving up for a Rode Video Mic.I have tripod allready so this will do me for now…[/quote]




      Hi Xerax – Yes, the 650D has a built-in mic and a mic jack. One caveat – something I have found when shooting with this camera is that it is very susceptible to shot-ruining phenomena called moire and aliasing on patterned subjects(e.g., brickwork, shingled roofs, patterned clothing and power lines) – as seen in this short test shot by Sebastian at Cinema5D:




      The new Nikon D5200 is the only reflex mirror camera in your price range that is resistant to moire.  Here is how it handles shingled roofs:



      Here is how it handles low light, when compared to the much more expensive Panasonic GH3:



      Here it is shooting an advert:




      In my view, the D5200 is the best video-capable DSLR in its class. It is £549 new with the kit lens on eBay UK or £528 used from Amazon UK Warehouse Deals.


      Hope this is helpful,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution




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      thanks for the information about the microphone input in Canon 650d.I dont really understand what you mean about the moire restistance that Nikon D5200 has compare to 650d. I've seen does videos which you have posted and i can see bit of difference in them but will it change a lot? Is it a big problem when filmik streets or people? I am asking becouse i realy want to get canon 650d becouse i've used it before and the settings are familar to me also it has touchscreen and few other advantages

      Thanks for your post

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      You can avoid it, but sometimes it pops up when you least expect it. On clothing and  fabric, for example, as in this comparison between the moire-prone Canon 60D and the moire-resistant Panasonic GH2:





      The Canons are fine cameras, if you understand their limitations.


      I like them too, but there are better choices for video.


      You can pick up a lightly used GH2 for as little as £490 on eBay UK.


      This camera was recently used to shoot the feature film, Upstream Color (available on Blu Ray). Here is the trailer:









      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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