DSLR vs Camcorder for sports filming

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      Hello! I would like to ask whats best for sports filming. DSLR or Camcorder?? Thanks in advance!

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      Hi KostasPlatis – for shooting sports video, you probably want fast video autofocus, slow motion capability, a power zoom and decent control over your depth of field.


      You can get those features on a number of cameras starting at about $1000, but none of them are DSLRs.  Here are a few examples:




      Less than $900 Panasonic FZ1000 – this camera has a relatively large sensor (1 inch) for depth of field control, 1080/120fps slow motion, a power zoom and fast video autofocus



      Here is what this camera can do on the football field at 120fps:







      DSLM (mirrorless):


      $1698 Panasonic GH4 plus Panasonic 45-175mm power zoom for less than $400  – this combination will give you a fairly large sensor (4/3 inches), 1080/96fps slow motion, a power zoom and fast video autofocus



      Here is what this camera can do on the football field at 96fps:






      Large sensor camcorder:


      $6555 (on sale) Sony NEX-FS700 with 18-200 power zoom lens – cinema sized Super 35mm sensor, slow motion up to 1080/240fps, a power zoom and fast autofocus.



      Here is what this camera can do on the football field:







      Hope this is helpful!



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      Watch out– fast-moving objects are susceptible to the rolling shutter distortion which will happen to any camera with a CMOS image sensor. 

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      Echoing Lowell Niles, I'd recommend a camcorder with a good CCD sensor. The distortion that results from the rolling shutter found in CMOS cameras (most DSLRs) make them less suitable for sports photography.

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      and the ability to zoom in while maintaining focus is essential – as is a size and balance that allows use on a tripod without droop. My sports work also involves all the usual audio inputs too. Rolling shutter, oddly, I've not found a serious issue with what I do. Controls that allow you to turn a knob for speed are also much more easy to use than menu up and downs for everything – one knob for shutter, one knob for ND filters, that kind of thing – very handy for me.

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      This web site provides depth on the difference between a DSLR and a camcorder for video production. The section of this web called “Best Fit Camera” is essential.

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