(DSLR Vs Camcorder for kids/sports) Here is my dilemma:

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      DSLR video quality with Camcorder ease?
      We all know how capable and customizable 35mm dslr are;
      but we also know that it requires time to set up, and specially time
      and an eagle eye to focus.
      A camcorder such as a Sony AX100 4k can be turned on and be used.
      My D800 needs to be dial in to the proper settings and I have to hope
      for two things, that my kids won’t move out of focus or that I need to zoom.
      I tried follow focuses, but nothing compares to a camcorder AF,
      because of it small sensor, power zoom and large dof.
      But my D800 will give me beautiful end results, almost like a film from
      How can I find everting I like from a DSLR and a camcorder all in one?
      Is there such a camera? I had an NEX-FS100 and it did come close to my
      D800, but it was such an awkward camera to hold, and it was heavy too!
      I was given many recommendations like the gh4, but it still the same thing
      Than my D800, manual AF. (dslr AF-C don’t work)
      The camera/camcorder I’m looking for will be used for family/kids videos, grab and go.
      I had a Panasonic FZ1000 4k, got rid of it within a week, I didn’t like the form factor.
      I’m looking for a solution around $1500, willing go to $2000 if is that much better.
      Cameras I’ve been reading about are: Sony PMW-F3 (used) Sony AX53, AX100 and X70
      Maybe a Sony A7S (if it can take a power zoom like the SEL 18-200 from FS100)
      Thank you for reading!

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      Have you tried looking at the Canon XC-10?

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      I did! And I really liked it, but then I saw the prices on the cfast cards and it made me stopped looking at it. I also read that the sad slot it’s only for hd?

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