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      I recently purchased a DSLR rig and have been getting asked by many of my film maker friends to give my opinion since many of them are also on the hunt for a good rig. I decided to post a more formal review since I got tired of repeating myself.  


      I researched long and hard to find a quality shoulder rig and like most operating on a limited budget, was most concerned with the value for my money as well as flexibility since I was borrowing cameras for my shoot. After reviewing numerous rig options, I found the perfect balance of quality and value. The PROAIM Shoulder Mount DSLR KIT-11 appeared to be a best fit. I of course was nervous about quality due to its somewhat lower price compared to other brands, but became pleasantly surprised as I unpacked the rig. First, I was pleasantly surprised with the carrying case. It has a solid foam interior that is custom fit for each and every component of the rig in disassembled form. From there, I was pleased with the quality of the components as well as the overall design. All components are light weight, yet remain sturdy and secure by using the very convenient thumb screws. The unit is also well balanced as I was able to set the unit down on the ground with no issue of tipping over. It is also very flexible, allowing easy removal of parts if not needed as well as the transfer of the rig from tri-pods to sliders, to hand held, which is much needed during a hectic video session. This is of course assuming you have all the correct attachments for your equipment. Point is, the rig allows you to attach these to the bottom of the rig very quickly via the tripod mounting plate. The fact that it includes a mattebox (allowing up to 2 filters) and a follow focus significantly adds to the value of this product. It also includes a variety of extra components to allow for customizing the rig to various size DSLR cameras as well as a full compliment of gears for various sized lenses. A complete listing of components for this item can be read athttp://www.proaimshop.com/pas/PROAIM…LR-KIT-11.html I purchased this unit to shoot my very first short film and could not be more happy. I had no issues with the rig whatsoever during night after night of shooting.


      There are many rigs to choose from, many that come with astronomical price tags that are simply out of reach of many. I simply can't imagine that the price difference is worth it given the quality and additional components of the PROAIM DSLR KIT-11. I would highly recommend this product and for beginning film makers that are on tight budgets…look no further.

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