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      hi! i'm looking for a dslr to film with and black friday is coming up.
      my price range is $500-1000 but, i cannot exceed that.
      i'm looking at the canon t3i, nikon 3200 and nikon 5100.
      has anyone any advice for these?

      and i'm also possibily looking at the canon t3 and t2i, because then i'll have more money for a nice external mic and lenses.
      i just want to film shorts, maybe some music videos, but mainly shorts and other videos.
      what are your recommendations?

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      OH*, and i would also like to be able to shoot slow mo, and high frames per second stuff. so what's best with that?

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      Moab Man

      I have the Nikon 5100 and love it, but I have not shot any video. However, in researching this camera I have come across comments about the in lense auto focus motor is picked up by the on-board microphone. I have also read that people didn't like the lack of adjustment for exposure or white balance for or while filming – not exactly sure which it was. Didn't pay that close of attention as i use video cameras for video.


      Hope this helped.

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      tpb – if you want in-camera slow motion, you want a camera that can shoot at a relatively high frame rate. Sadly, none of the Canon or Nikon DSLRs have this feature.


      The highest available DSLT/DSLM frame rate these days is 1080/60p, which you can get from the soon-to-ship $1300 Panasonic GH3 or the currently available $1100 Sony A77, $700 Sony A65 and $548 Sony A57 (I have not listed the Sony NEX cameras, which also shoot 1080/60p, because of their overheating challenges).


      Here is what the GH3 can do: https://vimeo.com/49420579


      Here is what the Sony A57 can do: https://vimeo.com/41653544


      Hope this is helpful,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution



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      Bill, Very helpful with the links to see what the camera can do and the GH3 results look pretty awesome

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      I've been shooting with the Nikon D3200 for a few months now, and I mainly shoot in 60fps @720. I'm willing to compromise the quality for the slow mo, and to be honest I dont notice much of a difference. Here's a sample I shot for a friends class project. It's kind of lame, but at least you'll get a feel for what it can do. It's all shot at 60/720.




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      We were very happy with our Canon EOS 550D, it took beautiful video. 

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      Question? Why worry that the Camera with shut down because the senson got too HOT.

      I've read a lot about the Canon and Nikon not being able to shoot long over an hour non stop.

      As an event Video person, I don't want to worry about Ops I didn't get that because I have to wait for the 

      senson to Cool down.  My GH2 has shot a nice Wedding Video for my friends Son in Punta Cana!  With out a problem, and as an extra I got some really nice pictures of the couple before the event on the Beach in the Hotel etc.  They Hired a Professional to do the pictures, I think Mine are just as nice.  He showed me His Canon Mark 3  it was so heavy.  They use them to shoot video, however they have a couple of them when they do video?   They shoot 113 weddings a month!  not a year a Month.  I asked if they needed a video person LOL  I'm retired so I just do this stuff as a hobby.  


      If you are going to do film stick with the GH2 or the new GH3.  That's $1300 for the GH3 without a Lense.

      You can get the GH2 with a 14-42 lense for about  $700.  This camera blows the other's away even without the Hack.  You also again don't have to worry about the Sensor over heating, or a time limit.

      I've used it and it will run for over an Hour taking 1080/30p video with no stops.  

      This is a VideoMaker not PhotoMaker,  why do they keep posting Nikon and Canon DSLR camera's?

      They can't shoot an entire Wedding Ceremony without worry,  they always have two or more camera's

      at the event,  that is a lot of overhead. 

      The GH2 and GH3 had the Video Maker in Mind when they put out this camera.


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