DSLR or Camcorder for Youtube-Video’s?

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      I'm new to the forum, because I have a question that can't be answered anywhere.
      Been looking for this a long time and I think this forum is fit to answer it. 🙂

      So I've been making Youtube-video's a couple of years and have a basic setup at home:

      – Nikon D3200 (front camera) with standard lens
      – Two softboxes
      – Shure microphone (going to change this one soon)
      – Overall decent quality of lighting, video and sound (I think)

      However, I've been looking to get a step up on my video quality and don't know if I should buy a (very expensive) DSLR with 4K or a camcorder with 4K? (fe: Sony FDR-AX53). Problem is that I don't know what the difference is between them in quality and if I should consider a camcorder for my type of videos? Is it overkill? Do I have more possibilities with a DSLR?

      – In short: what do I choose? A DSLR for my tech-videos or a camcorder? Please also consider price, my budget is not unlimited, unlike other Youtubers lol 🙂

      For reference, you can find my channel and style of videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCbA_DpwX1RXw0lNm-uag-Q


      Thanks a lot!

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      Non Cinema camera camcorders do not provide get of quality for price. Dslrs then Cinema cameras are the progression. GH5 is doing really well right now, another good one is BMCC. Avoid non mainstream “professional camcorders’ the actual footage quality is usually bad, people just use them for easy convience at a low price but the trade off is footage quality. You can always rent cameras from borrowlenses.com to get a feel for how the camera will turn out for you before you buy it.

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      The real question is what do you want 4K for? You can get a small chip 4K camera with a simple lens and you can get a 4K capable lens that costs more than any of these cameras? They are all 4K – but really that just sets the frame size, and has nothing to quality. Keeping in mind Youtube crunch your video to optimise it for their output, can people actually see the difference? If youtube is the end carrier, why even go 4K? I'd bet that a good HD real camera would give a subjectively better result when viewed on Youtube compared to a cheaper 4K.  My Youtube channel has 1080p material shot with a JVC750 camcorder, a friends HM-170 JVC I was considering buying off him, and a DSLR – HD again (A Pentax) and the JVC 750 is the normal one I use. I cannot now tell which is which, because I upload the things to Youtube in HD. They are all so close there's no point buying the 4K JVC – the difference is just not there when Premiere outputs the file in 1080, and Looking at the 4K image in Premiere before converting, there just isn't much detail in the extra size frame. Well, maybe a bit, but the lens isn't as good as the 750. I've shelved my plans to buy into 4K – there seems little point until 4K is possible end to end.

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      Paul shares a good point about 4k, the arrival Alexa shooting in 1080p looks 10x better than GH5 in 4k

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      Advantages of camcorders are they are very easy to use. All you need to do is flip up the LCD screen and then hit the Record button. Recording time is much longer when compared to that of DSLRs as they are meant for videos. Also they tend to provide more storage capacity. And they are much more affordable than DSLRs. DSLRs, on the other hand, allow you to switch lenses, which means the possibilites are limitless. You get that professional level video quality, which you won’t be getting with camcorders. If you are serious about your YouTube business, it’s recommended you can get a DSLR with 4K capabilities. However if you don’t have that budget, getting a camcorder is definitely a great choice.

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      I do see a difference in 4k, especially when uploaded to Youtube in 4k. I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and render and export in 4k and upload to youtube in 4K. Why shoot 4K and render in HD, makes no sense to me. My 4K cameras, a $320 used Coolpix B700 and a $220 used Lumix FZ80, were bought on ebay from top rated sellers and both were received in mint condition. I previously used Nikon DSLR’s (the D7000 and D3100) for HD video but the 4K video is sharper shows better detail on closeups.

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      Thanks a lot Jack!

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