DSLR or Camcorder for mountain bike video’s ?

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      Hi, i currently shot a mountain bike video using a 400 euro camcorder and for what it was the result was good but i used to have dslr’s and last one shot video but was the first of them and they have come along so much and my head gets melted looking at them all. I have 13 more mountain bike video’s to shoot and other odd bits too. i was considering a canon 800d with 18 – 55 stm and 55 – 250 stm lense and pick up an external microphone and a few batteries or look into a camcorder like the canon xa11. my budget is limited. ive fluid tripod and other bits already. just the dslr from reading works better in dark conditions and bike trails have wooded areas but the xa10 camcorder is a handier one to work but in low light i wouldnt be as good, but i cant find and sample video of similar to what i want it for. anyone any experience with either of these. i just dont want to buy something that wont suit me, and nice to get opinions from people who have one or know about them as its 5 years since i had a dslr and things have changed greatly.

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