DSLR or Camcorder for Concert Video

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      I am needing some advice on which to purchase, a DSLR or a camcorder.

      The camera will be used on a stationary tripod, in the same position for the entire concert. I would then like to do some pan and zoom in editing. The concert venue will have typical lighting for a classical concert. The lighting may or may not be great, if it takes place in a church setting.

      Which type of camera would be best for this situation?

      At the moment I have been looking at:
      DSLR: Canon XC10 4K)
      Camcorders: Sony FDRAX53/B 4K OR Sony FDR-AX100/B 4K

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      None of the cameras that you have mentioned is actually a DSLR. However, of the cameras that you mentioned, I would probably go with the XC10. I haven’t actually used it, myself. But I read about it in Videomaker when Canon first launched it. It had some really good notes. But again, it’s not a DSLR. You do not have the option of changing out the lens for a different one.
      If you want to look at a 4K DSLR, you might consider the Panasonic GH4. It’s also not actually a DSLR, as it is mirrorless. But you at least have the option of switching the lens to cater to different situations. When I film stage performances, I typically have the GH4 as my stationary wide shot. I then follow the action with a camcorder that I man, and I set up a GH2 that I have had for a few years at another angle for another stationary shot. Of course, if you’re shooting in 4K on the GH4, you can do some panning and zooming in post.
      I hope this info helps.

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      DSLR cameras have the major problem of overheating and shutting down to be nothing but a paperweight. It depends on which camera, but when in Video mode, they tend to overheat anywhere from 18 to 30 minutes of continuous shooting. Beware of that draw back for long shoots.

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      Dave has a really good point. A lot of DSLRs do have an overheating problem. Also, a lot of them will stop recording after 20 minutes or so, so that the manufacturer can get around the camcorder import tax when shipping overseas, which can kind of be a headache when recording concerts. The GH4 does not have either of these problems. It does not overheat, and it can record for up to 220 minutes continuously.

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