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      Hello guys,

      I really could use some help here! Let me explain my “concern” πŸ™‚

      I own a 5D Mark II, and got some Canon lenses obivously (50mm 1.4 / 135mm 2.0 / 24-70mm 2.8). This camera is just old and as a video editor, I want/need a change. I’m going to travel to Japan in a few weeks (I wanna shoot as much as I can and make a video of my trip!), and I think it’s an opportunity for me to switch gear, which brings me on to this :

      Today i’m looking at new canon models, the new sony a9 and the other mirrorless camera they have. Obviously i took a peek at the gh5 / a9 / a7s2 / a6500 & the 1DX Mark II (with C-LOG!!) etc… I got Canon lenses from my 5D so it helps, but I was willing to sell everything i got to make a new fresh start. But the only camera i see that can records 4K video in 60 fps is from Canon, but size is bigger/heavier, but would be a help for some real photo shoot too. I would have gone for the 1DX2 if that sensor was stabilized because when I look at A9 shots handheld, it’s just amazing how smooth it is. Having a full frame would be a bonus for me, I don’t know if I could “skip” it for my next camera tho.

      So yeah; I wanted some advices, from someone who’s traveling or not, should i stick to canon and keep their awesome color science or should i consider a leap into Sony and then wait for a maybe a7s3 or A9s and “prey” for they 4K 60? Any sony lenses advices for video if so?

      There is only the Japan planned yet as a personal trip, but that camera would be used professionaly for TV reports, weddings, events, commercials…

      Hope I was clear enough,


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