DSLR + Mic + Lenses for Short Docs? $2K-$3K Budget

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      I'm an editor looking into making my own shorts — mostly short docs that would involve a lot of run & gun filming.  I'm interested in a DSLR for the image quality, though I know this will mean more $$ on audio equipment.  


      What DSLR camera body do y'all recommend for a $2K/$3K total budget (possibly could go up to $4K… if beyond that seems like the best idea, I am willing to take time to save), and is the Canon EOS 60D "good enough" (if I am considering submitting my work to festivals)?


      For audio, it seems like I'll be spending at least $500 on gear — I'm thinking TASCAM DR-60D, Sennheiser MKE 600 shotgun mic — and probably around $1000 on lenses?  I'd like to have f-stop range of f/1.3 to f/22.  So factoring that in I have about $1500 to spend just on the camera body right now.


      Any and all advice very much appreciated, thanks!!

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           For about $800, you can get a Panasonic GH3 body.  Technically, it's mirrorless, not a DSLR, but the function is the same.  If you're willing to stretch a little further than your $1500 for the camera body, you can get a GH4.  All of the goodness that is in the GH3, plus the ability to shoot 4K video.

           If you need something that works well in low light, the Sony A7s is a good camera.  Again, mirrorless, but functions like a DSLR.  And it has a full frame sensor.  You might need to save up for this one, though.

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      Hi Erin – I own the GH3 and GH4 – and they are great cameras – but for run and gun I recommend a camcorder.


      With a large sensor, interchangeable lens camcorder such as the $2299 Sony NEX-EA50, you can get "DSLR-like" shallow depth of field with all of the advantages of a real video camera (e.g., pro XLR inputs, a shotgun mic, an 11x power zoom lens  and shoulder mounted ergonomics).


      With this camera, you won't have to buy an external audio recorder or shotgun mic and can use the money you save for wider and faster glass.


      Here is what this camera can do:










      Hope this is helpful and good luck!



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