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      Will G Santiago

      i would like to know how do you guys Manual Focus on Weddings, do you always zoom-in to the fullest (zoom lens), Magnify the schene (focus assist 60D magnification), Manual Focus and then Recompose for your shot? Is there any faster way doing this? How do you focus when the entourage is walking towards you? You do just keep the aperture at about f5.6 to f8 and pre-focus manually using your collegue before it happens?

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      Greg Olson

      If you're using a camcorder, standard practice is to zoom all the way in, focus, then zoom back out and compose your shot.


      With a DSLR, you're better off using the magnifcation to focus, as using the zoom often doesn't yield proper focus.


      If the entourage is covering a distance that is longer than your depth of field, you'll either have to pull focus as they walk, or choose your point of focus and let them pass into and out of the focused area.


      Hope this helps!



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      Greg Olson

      The larger the f-stop number you can get, the more depth of field you will have.  Of course, you'll most likely be restricted by how much light you have to work with.  If you push your ISO higher, you'll be able to get a bigger f-number.  Just be careful not to push it so far that you get noticeable  noise in your footage.


      good luck!

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      Will G Santiago

      I do thank you Mr.Greg Olson for your advice. what sort of aperture or irish is good enough to make the focusing field during entourage (people walking towards you) thick enough?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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