“Drug effect” from Music video

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      I would love to learn about the techniques that go into making a video like this: http://youtu.be/yEG2VTHS9yg

      I would mostly like to know:

      1. Is all the camera movement actually done during production or is it post or a combo?

      2. How to achieve the effect where he is walking in the street and it seems like only he is moving while everything else is almost still.

      3. The colour manipulation on things such as the glass of water that turns colourful. Would love to know how to achieve that.

      Thank you for any insight. Truly appreciate it.

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      Cool video.

      I see this is an old post, so you’ve probably answered your own questions by now.

      Just in case you haven’t, check out this video, which gives some good hints on one way to do a “freeze time” effect:

      I’d say a lot of that video is done in post. Not sure about the spinning camera, but if it’s practical, they would have had to have used a specialist rig of some kind.

      For the transitions in that glass of water effect, it looked like a combination of curves adjustments, blurs / distortions and something like the “fractal noise” effect in After Effects.

      You’d have to play around to get it just right, but if you have After Effects, it should be achievable.

      Hope that helps.

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