Drop Zones in FCPX/Motion 5

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      Daniel Hart

      Does anyone here have experience working with drop zones in Motion 5/FCPX? Is so, maybe you can help me.


      At the end of all our videos, we have a little page telling people to subscribe, like us on facebook, etc. We also have an annotation to the gag reel for that video. Skip to the end of this video to see what I mean.


      I used to just drag the blooper clip over the page, shrink it down, and positition it on top of the bubble. However, I wanted a simpler & cleaner way to do it. So I made this page as a generator in Motion 5 and put a drop zone on the bubble. Then I brought it into FCPX thinking I could just drag the clip I wanted into the drop zone and it would shrink it down for me.


      I'm having 2 problems though:

      1) There's no audio. However, I figured Motion 5 generators just don't support audio, and that's not a big deal because I can just add it later.

      2) This is the big one. Instead of using the portion of the clip I have selected in the event browser. It's starting the clip roughly ten seconds before that. So I'm not getting the part of the clip I want.


      Does anybody know if there's a way to fix this? Please ask questions if I wasn't clear enough.



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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Hi Daniel


      First of all I really enjoy your videos (I'm subscribed). 


      I know how to do what you are asking using a combination of After Effects, Photoshop and sometimes Premiere Pro. I believe the process should be similar in Motion so here goes. You can try to add a replacement video layer on top of the bubble with slightly the same shape (basically creating a template file). When you do this you should be able to substitute the replacement layer with your new footage by just drag and drop and it should take the shape of the layer. Apologies if this don't work in Motion 5, that's how I do it with the Adobe products. 

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      Hi, did you ever find a solution? I'm having the same issues. In addition, I am trying to post Syncronized multi-clips to different dropzones, but with no success. Result is no audio, clips start at beginning and not in sync. 



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