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      Hi everyone!

      Our company would like to find a way to distribute video files to paying customers that are limited to a certain amount of plays or to a length of time depending on how much they pay. The nature of the videos are for small and large meetings.

      We would use a streaming method, but some event rooms do not have wi-fi or have non-reliable internet access, so we want to find a way to limit the actual file that they download after a payment. We're not overly worried of people 'cracking' the videos, but they should obviously have some level of protection.

      I've spent a lot of time researching DRM which seems to be the correct route, but I'm lost at where to start. The few solutions I saw for smaller companies seemed fraugulant and confusing and offered a pay-per-month plan. Can't we encrypt our own files and not pay someone monthly?

      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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