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      Being that I don’t plan to produce in 4K (YouTube in 1080p is fine for now), what is the best method for downscaling my 4K material to the best 1080p quality footage? I know I can produce the project in 1080p once completed, but that would have me working through the 4K material the whole time while on my limited, outdated computer which struggles with 4K footage. If this is the only way, I am fine with that, but if there is another way to do it without losing quality, such as downscaling all unedited files in other program and them importing to my project, what program do you suggest?

      When it comes to the multiple frame rates I’m working with (24, 30 & 60fps), what is the best way to work with them in my project so that I don’t get the juddering effects? My current thought is to 1) leave the 24fps footage at normal speed, as I will be producing the whole project in 1080p at 24fps for the cinematic look unless convinced otherwise (I’m still not sure what would be best, but I’m assuming 24fps). 2) Slow most of the 30 & 60fps footage down. However, there is 3) some of the 30 & 60fps footage that I would like to play at normal/actual speed. What is the best method to do so without losing quality? Convert the unedited 30 & 60fps footage that I plan to use at normal speed to 24fps, then import to my project?

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