Double mic’d host on the Match Game (canada)

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      Alright, random topic for a random tv watching experience on a sunday morning. I turned on the tv this morning and the comedy network was showing the match game, like all video folk I happen to notice something that no one else catches onto.  The host was wearing two lav mics on either side of his coat while every one else was only rocking 1. 


      Now from my experience I am assuming that it is to guarantee consistant sound pick up no matter which way he faces, since he is the only talent that moves? Or is it a 5.1 thing?


      Happy Fathers Day all! 

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      I'd suggest backup, double mics are standard for when a mic swap is difficult or impossible – on something with a lot of viewers, and associated budget – the small extra cost of a backup is peanuts.   Having a fader that can save the show is a good feeling, even if not used. 

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      I'd aggree – points in order

      (1)  It's broadcast TV so it has to work,  (2) the mixed sound has a more consistant voice tone  (3)  The sound guy is not paying for the batteries himself, so he can cover his rear in case of failure   (4) you can use both mic's, pan them slightly and give the presentor a bit of stereo width   (5) Placing the two body pack transmitters – one on each hip transmiting to two recivers in diffrent locations reduces RF drop outs.


      In short the sound guy gets yelled at if it fails, nobody cares if he uses two 9v batterys insted of one ~ peter

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      The show isn't live so the dual mics probably have less to do with redundancy and more with coverage.  Everyone on set is generally talking to the host, therefor looking and talking in the same direction.  The host, however may talk some to the left, and some to the right so two mics theoretically gives more consistant coverage.



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