Do’s an Don’ts in web video

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      – Keep it short

      – Make the first 10 seconds as gripping as possible

      – Audio is sometimes more important than video – ears become offended much quicker than eyes.

      – You may think that HD is amazing but not everyone can stream it quite so easy (offer alternatives if you are not using YouTube)



      – Do not shoot against an off-white wall (it always looks unprofessional)

      – Do not over-brand your video or message (people don’t feel comfortable when they are having things forced upon them)


      I look forward to hearing more πŸ™‚



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      AvatarAviv Vana

      Don't underlight

      Don't be impatient to find a normal background and non distracting

      Don't be a perfectionist – Just do it – it's a web vieo and nobody expects it to be perfect


      Do – know what you are going to say so you are not thinking the entire recording

      Do – make sure you have quite area you are recording in.


      Everything depends on what the purpose is of course.


      Good luck.

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      –  keep accurate notes of all shots,to ensure continuity

      –  more is better when it comes to B roll

      –  use H-264 codec this is a web friendly codec unlike some


      – use a phone camera if you want quality video

      –  use a camera that cannot  shoot in low light

      – over use graphics

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Do – Pay close attention to your audio.


      Don't – Hold your phone vertically when shooting video!

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      Do – Upload to YouTube (they have quite a large community).


      Don't – Upload only to YouTube. Pick another favorite destination, and upload there too. Hopefully it's a destination that's different… based on video player features, or a more niche viewing audience, or interactive features. Flickr, SmugMug, Vimeo, Animoto, iTunes and Socialcam come to mind.



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