Does anybody fly drones?

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      I personally think camera drones is where its at. Does anybody own or fly a drone? If someone was looking into camera drones, where is the best place to start looking?

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      We saw this drone at CES this year:



      The video quality isn't the greatest, and I'm not confident you could attach even a light weight camera light a GoPro, but you can't bet the price ($300)


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      it all depends on your budget… you can find some at 300$ like some at 20k$… the main difference is the type of cameras you can load on to them…


      I'm in the process of building an hexacopter with controls for a video camera… to start i will use a GoPro (crash proof… more or less) and then switch to a better video camera. budget wise its about 4k$ without Video Camera… hoping to be able to fly in the spring as in Montreal and way to cold now…. my plan is to use this for real astate video's for a start


      I got hook on this by my brother in law who fly's a quad copter see his vids at 


      a good site to get info is FPV LAB


      just google Hexacopter, quadcopters or octocopters… and you will see the wide range $


      have fun… 



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      This link you will see a professional helicopter being used at a monster truck show I shot. The name of the company is in the video. No actual footage from it but you cn see what they are using. Contact them for more info MONSTER TRUCK


      This link is from me using a regular helicopter with a GoPro 960 camera. You will see the jello effect in the footage. This is a big problem with any type of helicopter you use. They do make software that is suppose to take care of it


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