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      I’m looking for a free (Lightworks?) editing package that can relatively easily do quotes from a page of text like you see in documentaries. For example,

      The video shows a page of text, like a document or a web page.

      Then quotes of text are pulled out from the page, highlighted, to direct the audience to the important part of the text. This is pretty common place in educational or documentary videos. Is there a “go to” method? I’m using lightworks, but don’t see a good / easy way to do this. Is there a gold standard? Any techniques or software packages would help.

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      I’ve done this a few times. I use Photoshop to create a piece of paper with a torn edge (google it. lots of tutorials out there) and then type in what I need. I save it in the desired file format (PSD or PNG for me for use in Sony Vegas Pro). I drop that graphic on the timeline over top of the full page of text and then use some kind of effect to transition to the new page. It can “float” over top of the page or any other effect desired.


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