Do you use SSDs?

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      I’m doing some market research to determine what industries rely on solid state drives for storage. Can anyone give me some insight as to whether or not individuals in the video and film industry use SSDs?

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      I would think that anyone who uses a computer and storage for video work SHOULD use SSDs. When you understand and see the advantages I cannot understand why they would not.

      VERY LARGE storage maybe not because of the cost, but up to 500 GB and 1 TB the prices have dropped so much in the last 4 years that anyone can afford them.

      The advantages are huge. The speeds can be as much as 5 to 10 times faster than the standard hard drive! Which IS extremely important during the editing and processing of video files.

      Five years ago I paid $180 for an 80 GB SSD, which I only used for the System and boot drive at the time. I now have a 500 GB SSD in my laptop, which I paid $300 for 2 years ago. But today you can get a 1 TB SSD for $300, or $700 – $900 for a 2 TB SSD.

      At the rate they have dropped in price in the last 5 years I would expect that in 3 years you could get a 2-3 TB SSD for as little as $300. So if it is not on the Videographer’s shopping list today, it will be soon.

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      Yes of course! SSD’s are incredibly helpful for video editors! It can make your editing and accessing video clips and footage faster. Although it is a bit expensive compared to HDD but I have no doubt in a few years the price will drop.

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