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      I have a serious question.
      I am working right now with 3 friends on editing vlogs for some Youtube channels.
      We have multiple clients right now and I am wondering if there is a way to split the task on multpile people to make it more efficient. Is it possible??
      I know the creativity and the quality of the vlog might suffer but we need to start delivering fast while keeping the vlogs “good”.
      Any suggestions from the pros is certainly welcomed


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      It all depend on how this shot and what editing Programs you use. Say the 3 of you all have cameras, I do not know if these videos are shot separate or as a group. Also, do the 3 of you have Video Editing Computers. I think the easiest way here is pick the guy with the best video setup/skill level and have him or her do all the video editing, you will need an easy way for to get the source videos, research a cloud application for that. Once that is set up, all video shot can be loaded to the cloud and then the video editor can retrieve the source videos from the cloud and get to editing.
      If you could provide a link to one of your vloggs and we could give you more info.

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      I’d avoid “cloud” solutions if possible, primarily because of the up-load/down-load time involved. Unless you have a T1 line it’s going to take quite a while to download source files of any size.

      If you’re all in the same area I would suggest putting the project onto an external hard drive. Have one of you edit — group editing is asking for disaster — pass the hard drive off to #2, who can color correct to match cameras and do any grading you all feel is necessary, then have the hard drive go to #3 who can upload to YouTube.

      If you like to work with bins and have so much material that’s necessary, #2 and #3 could go through the material before it comes to #1 and get everything organized, pretty much like assistant film editors would do.

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      Avatarcasimir artmann

      Edit same footage is a big no no if your software and hardware setup isn’t made for it.

      Ingest could be done by three different persons at the same time, but edit should be one at a time. However, you can eventually make some sound edit, illustrations, titles, one-third and things like this in parallell.

      Remote work is a challenge, we know. Fighting with Google drive syncronisation and will soon set upp a VPN between production sites.

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