Do I need a working visa for filming abroad?

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      Quick question. I am a freelancer who lives in the UK. UK citizen. I am shooting some interviews for a UK company. I get paid in the UK. The interviews are taking place outside of Europe though, for three days. Does this mean I am working abroad, and need a working visa? Or as it’s all for a UK company am I not technically working abroad? Thanks

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      A chat with the Embassy of the country in which you are going to be shooting would probably be a more appropriate source of information than a video forum.

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      Keep in mind that things can be pretty bad when they go wrong. Look at the US for instance. You have different visas for different kinds of shooting – so if you have a news status visa, and shoot a quick entertainment clip, maybe as the result of a phone call “Are you near XXXX, could you shoot a celeb who is doing a link for his UK program, to save us sending somebody else out” – and you get found out, then you get your visa revoked. When you then want to take the family on holiday to Disney in Florida you apply for your ESTa visa, and one question is “have you ever had a visa revoked?” and then you have to say yes – and they then say NO! No more US holidays.

      Europe is generally fine, but other countries will view it as work, and unless you like taking the risk, with a consumer handicam and no other kit – getting the gear in without the working visa will be interesting. Worse still, when you leave, they might well also want export duty on the camera! Best advice is what Jack said – ALWAYS ask. The US example I gave is not made up – since Jeremy Clarkson took the mickey out of them, working visas are much tighter – hence their interest in entertainment programmes. News gets an easier ride.

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