Do I Need a Glidecam/Stabiliser?

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      Hey everyone I am completely new to video making so excuse my naivety. I recently got into still photography and really enjoyed it while backpacking overseas and have decided to invest in a GH4 for when I go on my next trip later this year to shoot some travel videos/run and gun docos. Now I am just wondering if I need to buy a glidecam.

      Is it worth the investment?

      I’ll be living in China for 6 months so will do a lot of moving street filming and then I’ll be taking the Trans Siberian railway so doing a lot of shooting on the train and then general backpacking an filming through Europe.

      Am I going to be missing a lot of shots if I don’t have a glidecam and if I don’t invest in one, is there an alternative? Will it also be a pain to lug around travelling for all that time?

      Any advice and reccomendations are appreciated, thankyou!

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      Kevin Mc

      If you’re going to be traveling and hiking, you definitely don’t want to haul a stabilizer around with you. A great solution is to use a monopod. Extend the legs down, one or two sections, keep it OFF the ground, and simply let the weight of the monopod stabilize the shot as you pan. Other times, especially when hiking, you’ll want to just use the monopod normally – with its single foot on the ground. They also make for a good walking stick :)… Most monopods have a shoulder strap, making them easy to carry and easy to access when you need them.

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      To Kevin’s excellent advice I would add this: when in China, in my experience, keeping a VERY low profile while shooting video is to avoid a great deal of trouble. Tourists with small cameras, in tourist settings, go pretty largely unnoticed. Bring out a big camera, or a camera and tripod, and police or security-types may challenge you. A stabilizer would almost certainly be asking for trouble in many places I visited.

      The problem is that you don’t know what’s o.k. to shoot and what isn’t. I was chased away by two armed security guards while I was filming a market place because I was only a block away from the American Embassy, which was in the background of my shot.

      I recommend traveling light and as inconspicuously as possible. If you take Kevin’s advice and get a monopod, take a look at the Manfrotto monopod that has a squeeze handle for adjusting height. It’s a much better solution than leg locks that have to be adjusted manually.

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      Johnny Wu

      For capturing motions,a camera stabilizer would help a lot. You can attach your camera on the stabilizer and hold the gimbal to take videos. The stabilizer use motors on 2 or 3 axis to automatically stabilize the camera movement along with the operator.

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