Do I need a Camera Operator?

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      My brothers and I would like to start creating comedy sketches for Youtube, and I am planing to buy a JVC GY-LS300 and a Rokinon Cine DS 50 mm T1.5 lens. Will I be able to set the camera up and join in the scene, or will we need a dedicated operator to make adjustments and pull focus? Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

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      With the Rokinon prime lens, there are no remote controls, so you’d have to stage and light the entire shot before leaving the camera and entering the scene. The results will depend on how thorough your shot preparation is done, including the shot’s composition and lighting. The camera will record whatever is in front of it with or without an operator, but for on-the-fly adjustments, a dedicated operator in this case will be needed.

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      yep, if you want to hits on your video then you must use video (camera) operator. in case if need any help then please let me know.

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