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      What is your thought on the DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter along the 4k camera that comes with it?

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      Looks amazing!     I just watched a promotional video over on the CheesyCam website.  I'm just wondering how much it's going to cost?


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      Ty Audronis

      ~$2800 single user setup, and ~$3200 for dual operator (one on gimbal one to control flight).  The 4K is stellar, but not quite up to GH4 (60 Mb/s vs 200 Mb/s) and UHD vs cinematic resolution.  But still… that's a mind blower for the price because if you were to set up a phantom the same way… it'd be just about as much, but not as nice.

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      John McJunkin
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      John McJunkin

      Good call Mike – alien dragon head appearance worth at LEAST $300 πŸ˜‰

      Agreed on image quality, although the Inspire's 4K camera is VASTLY better than the integrated HD camera in the Phantom Vision 2+, IMHO.

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      So I bought the Phantom 2 Vision+ about 2 weeks ago without knowing the Inspire came out. Now I'm a little frustrated. Is it worth selling back and purchasing the Inspire? I mean I know it's a far better quadcopter but who's going to buy a used Phantom? I'm new to all of this lol Someone help me! I linked a page with the Vision+ review just in case. This sold me. 


      DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Review

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      John McJunkin

      The Inspire One video is better than I made it out to be when I posted my comments above … I concede that I was wrong.  And there are definitely features of the camera that make it worthy of serious consideration.  Personally, I can't justify the expenditure … yet.  So far, I have not had a shoot requiring the capabilities offered by the Inspire One but not my Phantom 2 / H3-3D / HERO4.  That time may come, but for now, my Phantom 2 is doing the trick, and a substantial segment of the folks who pay attention to little helicopter-carried cameras feel that the GoPro camera is superior to the proprietary DJI camera that ships with the Inspire One.

      As to who might purchase a previously-owned Phantom 2 Vision+, I would submit that right now the iron is very hot – strike quickly.  Us semi-pros and pros are looking beyond the current crop of multirotors, but trust me when I tell you that there are plenty of moms and dads out there who would love to acquire a used drone at a used drone price for their budding young aerial videographer as a holiday gift.  Junior may want an Inspire One, but mom and dad are not willing to bet the Inspire One price tag that aerial videography is more than just a passing phase for their youngster, nor are they willing to allow the kiddo to learn how to fly on a three kilo-buck helo, when they can keep the potential loss to one kilo-buck or thereabouts.

      Yes, you'll probably take a small financial hit selling the Vision+, but that hit will grow larger and larger over time.  Move on as quickly as you can, and you'll reduce the pain of that hit.

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      Michael Simpson

      I bought Dji Inspire 1 Quadcopter a couple of weeks ago without knowing that the s1000 came out. I am referring to the DJI Spreading Wings S1000 Quadcopter released by the Dji Innovations. Since I am interested in Aerial Cinematography, s1000 could have been a better decision over inspire 1 in terms of camera and video specification. Now it is a bit frustrating because the investment is already made. Fortunately, I got a S1000 as a new year gift from my fellow photographer friend. However, is there any way to sell back my Dji Inspire 1 Quadcopter? I am new to this so sorry if it does not make sense. I shared a page with the  Dji s1000 Review just in case. 


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      the DJI Phantom 2 is very well made. I'm very satisfied with the way this preforms. The way point flying is just a blast. I have got a lot of video and pictures. I hope everyone else that purchased the vision 2 is as happy as I am. Thank you again DJI, Check this review that after i read, i have gone to store to buy!

      drone phantom 2 review quad chopper


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      Maybe this review will help you. The DJI Inspire 1 is in the best quadcopter for video class. It has a slightly different elongated body shape, in the shape of the letter H. Its arms are made from carbon fiber. The camera projects from the front end of the body. The body color is white, while the H shape is black, with four black blades.

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      I love DJI drones. They are just so professional comparing to other cheap camera drones. I also like the camera on Inspire

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      Mike Wilhelm

      But it wouldn’t look like a dragon’s head, which is worth at least $300 to this sci-fi fan! πŸ˜‰

      It would be nice to have the option to use the GoPro though. The image quality of their footage from their camera didn’t really knock my socks off. Everything else looks great though.

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      Ty Audronis

      That's close enough to the same price for me to say "about the same price."  $300 difference to eliminate the scan line problems of the phantom, and have extremely stable indoor flight…. definitely worth it.

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      Ty Audronis

      Unfortunately, I still haven't seen recorded footage from the camera.  Everything they showed us was a live feed at 720p from the lightbridge (much lower quality than the recorded images).  I'm assuming it'll be a bit nicer than gopro (because of the distortion-free lens and higher bit rates).  We'll see when we get our hands on one.

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