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      Hi, I have to videotape a Bat Mitzvah for the first time, I have some experience with the camera but almost nothing with sound. My plan is to hook a wireless transmiter to the Dj mixer output line. My question is: 1)-am I going to get some sound from the crowd?, 

                             2)-Is it a good idea to get the sound from the crowd with a shotgun mic throw the other channel?


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      1) – No

      2) – Yes

      Mix them together in post for the proper balance.



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      Probably worth asking the DJ if he has a spare output – not all mixers do, and not all DJs will loet you have it. They hate video people turning up at the last minute and demanding a feed. Very odd that many do not have one when it's a last minute request. 


      Personally, I'd not use a shotgun because the sound perspective changes if the mic is moved, or as people move in front of it – a simple cardioid or even omni might be better sounding.

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