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      This is Luke Heights.  Some of you might know me from some of my video post I've made.  I've been a member of this site for some time now and many people have helped me grow and learn.
      One of things I ran into was distribution issues.  How do I get my video out to as many places as possible and how do I market it. One of the tools I know use is HoustonsVoice.com, another free distribution channel, that promotes your videos for free.
      I'm now earning a paycheck doing video with HoustonsVoice.com.  I'm responsible for finding more people to sign up and submit their videos to the site.  It is totally free to sign up and of course it is related to videos from Houston, Texas or surrounding areas or people from Houston.
      Today, I'm asking that if you know anyone that lives in Houston and does video and wants FREE promotion (yes, HoustonsVoice.com will promote your video for free) please have them sign up.
      I ask that you put me Luke as the referral.
      Thanks for your support,



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