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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      4 Steps to Understand Shutter Speed

      Recently I publish a guest post at Videomaker titled "4 Steps to Understand Shutter Speed" (thanks to Videomaker for the opportunity). I'm creating this forum topic to spark a discussion and answer questions about the article or about shutter speed in general. 

      Feel free to post your questions here and will do my best to answer them.

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      AvatarDaniel Bruns

      Hi Luis,


      Great article!


      I do have one question for you. I've heard people say that a shutter speed of 1/50th of a second is the same, or similar to an 180 degree shutter angle. Have you found that to be true? I've always been a bit confused as to how I can explain the "speed" of a 180 degree shutter angle to fellow videographers.




      Dan Bruns

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez
      Thanks Daniel
      Explaining shutter angle is like teaching a math class. Basically a 180 degree shutter angle equates to a shutter speed near 1/48 of a second at 24 fps (not exactly sure how that's calculated). A good explanation about shutter angle can be found on Videomaker's video tutorial "Using Shutter Speed to Control Motion Blur and Exposure". In general adjusting shutter angle is mostly a feature for more advance film cameras (such as the RED) so most likely the video cameras we use will only have options to change the shutter speed. 
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      AvatarDaniel Bruns

      Thanks Luis! That was helpful. I teach college students how to use RED Scarlet and RED One cameras and have been looking for a way to make the concept of shutter angle easier for them to understand. I really appreciate it!



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      Very good! Thank you!

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