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      I saw an article on the VM web site about a week ago, and now I can't find it. I'm hoping another site user will recogniza it and point me to it.

      The article was on directing, but I'm particularly interested in a sidebar to the article. The sidebar had suggestions for 'directorspeak', such as "I liked that take, now let's do another one with higher energy", instead of "I need more energy from you." It was really basic on-set diplomacy, but I've got somebody who could benefit from the article.

      Ring any bells? I've been through the directing articles, with no luck. If anyone can point me to the article, I'd really appreciate it.

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      Hi Laguna, it sounds like you may be referring to this article:
      6 Phrases That Help Motivate Talent

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      Hi Laguna,

      It could also be the graphic towards the end of this article:
      Rehearsing With Actors

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