Directing Tips for Sketch Video Idea

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I have a script written about two guys that see each other down a hallway. They are far away from each other and the film goes through slow motion of each person walking while they have voice overs of them talking to themselves about the other.


What would be the best way to film this? In terms of getting the voice overs with the  facial motions in slow motion as they walk. 



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First of all, I'd recommend doing a little legwork.  Try timing yourself as you walk down the type of hallway you envision.  If you can get a buddy to help you out, so much the better.


Also note the audio, lighting and spatial conditions as if you're getting ready to set up for the shoot.  Since you know exactly what you're trying to achieve, I think this is the best way - for you to discover the answer(s) yourself.  Good luck!!

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As far as timing out with facial motions and everything, I would record their audio first, put it on an mp3 player, and play it during the shoot so they can walk and react to the voiceover easily.  Shoot a lot of different camera angles and focus and just do take after take until you have more than enough footage to work with.  The worst thing you can do is not shoot enough and leave the editor with holes. 


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Loving the responses, thank you!