Direct power cord from Canon GL2 to power outlet?

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      Hello all,

      New to the forum and this is my first post!

      Ever since I began working with the GL2 (that was a while ago), one of the questions that was constantly eating away at my poor brain is this: 

      Is there a power cord available that connects directly between the camera and the wall socket while skipping that ac adapter in the middle? If not, can it be made?

      While the GL2 is a great product overall, in my opinion it is an awful design for a charger/power cable. In those times where even my large batteries run out or I've had no time to charge them, I have to deal with an annoying bulk dragging or hanging off the tripod, or taped/velcroed to it in an awkward fashion, and inventing clever (but not fail-proof) knots to prevent the three-piece rig from disconnecting in the middle of a shoot… what have you done or have you had something made, or did you just always pre-charge the batteries?


      Vancouver, BC

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      Hmm there maybe you might try searching amazon for something like this.

      If you go the made route I would say check with a local Radioshack they can make custom cords and plugs for just about anything and they usually aren't to expensive in my experience.


      good luck


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      HI Justin,


      Thanks for tip, I will try them.




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      I too have a GL2 and have been frustrated with the "brick" and the not so strong connection witht he adapter to it.


      Problem is, is that the power requirements for the GL2 is a lower voltage than the line voltage coming from the wall socket. Unless you can find a cord that does that for you (with a built in tramsformer) I'm not sure that something like that exists.


      If you are sucessful… let me know!

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