diffusing sun on outdoor shoots

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      most of my videos are shot outside during the day from morning to -6pm. they are wide angles and close ups of people performing different task safely. What can I do to remove the harsh sun and defuse it better from wider shots. for example wide angle shot and pan with driver walking down side of truck and inspecting it.
      thanks for any help.

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      Big scrim on C-stands! You can buy eight-foot-square (or bigger) frames and diffusion material (expensive!), or you can make your own frame from PVC pipe and fittings (there are many tutorials on YouTube) and add professional diffusion material, or even a cotton bedsheet or semi-transparent shower curtain. Mount it between the sun and your talent on C-stands or light-stands — and be sure to sandbag the stands, because the big flat diffuser will act like a sail in the wind.

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