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      Hey everyone,


      I'm in the pre-production phase of writing a music video that involves a lot of shots of a man looking into various reflective surfaces (mirror, glass building, puddle etc) and seeing a girl (his girlfriend) back out at him. I was wondering would any of you have any ideas on how best to approach this type of shot? I have thought about greenscreening, but have to consider getting the perfect angles and also shooting the two separate and just making them appear correct in post production…


      Any ideas from more experienced members would be very much appreciated, t

      Thanks so much in advance,



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      If I understand what you're trying to do, the solution lies in getting the correct relationship between yourself, the girl and the mirror. Trial and error, I'm afraid.


      You might find this article — http://www.magnet.fsu.edu/education/teachers/curricula/documents/scienceopticsyou-module3.pdf — of use. Also, Google "taping reflection in mirror."



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