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      Hello Everyone!

      So I’m relatively new to video editing, but I’ve consumed a great deal of information already…

      My problem is something strange is going on when I crop videos.

      My default/source video is 1920×1080.
      I’ve been using a variety of editing tools, including but not limited to Quicktime, ScreenFlow, Final Cut Pro X, and HandBrake (for attempting to fix my problem…)
      Exporting all files as mp4 files.

      My current project has a fixed camera, recording different shots at the same location, with identical lighting, and in the end I need to use overlapping videos (similar to picture-in-picture) to “splice” together shots from different videos to create what appears to be one scene.

      When I crop out a small square box from my base video, export it, and play it over my full size video, there is a color difference that is impossible to miss.

      When inspecting the two files I noticed that they have different color profiles attached to them, even though I’m using identical settings to export my files. The only difference is the Height/Width.

      Using HandBrake I’ve changed the colorprim, transfer, and colormatrix of both files to undefined (Seems to strip out the color profile, and it looks far better, but it is still noticeable) – and I’ve also tried assigning everything to bt709. Which results in mis-matched color very close (if not identical) to my original exports.

      So I have a lot of questions.
      1. What’s causing my color mismatch and how do I fix it?
      2. Is there any way to assign an actual color profile to my video files? None of the changes HandBrake seems to make are reflected in the basic properties.
      3. What is causing the differing definition of HD/SD videos in my work flow (Mainly reflected in the default color profiles, HD (1-1-1) SD (6-1-6))? Is it based on overall size? Is it a height/width ratio thing?

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      Hi there,

      If the colour difference is extremely noticeable, it may not be anything to do with the profile settings. It sounds simple, but did you make sure the camera’s white balance setting was the same for all the shots? If it was in auto it’s pretty much guaranteed to have changed between takes causing the shots not to line up.

      A simple fix (whether the error came from the colour profile or not) would be to do a quick colour correction. If you are using Final Cut to overlay your videos then you can use Final Cut’s inbuilt correction tools to do a few tweaks on the colours so that the seem between video layers becomes indistinguishable.

      Hope this helps!

      Head of Post Production


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