Difference between SLOG/SLOG2/SLOG3 and Cineflat/Flaat10/Flaat11/Nikon Flat

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      I’m starting to learn videography on my D810 and my A7S II and I am wondering how all this work. I understand the theory of it all, i.e flat profiles are able to capture a wider dynamic range and can be worked on in post, applying specific LUTs, grading, correction, conversion from LOG to REC709 and vice versa, printing it to film etc. What I don’t get, maybe because of the lack of concrete data on the internet, is the difference/relationship between 10-bit and 8-bit video and how it relates to picture profiles. Also, what is the difference between Sony’s LOG profiles? Is this just nomenclature and a Nikon flat profile can potentially achieve the same amount of dynamic range as the SLOG can? What makes a picture profile a log profile and can other picture profiles based on logarithmic exposure curves be called log profiles as well. In that case, isn’t the Cineflat profile a log profile as well because it’s curved as such? Also Tassinflat and Flaat profiles.

      I’m still learning so I have loads of questions to ask. Bear with me.

      Also, what’s with bandwidth and bit depth? I get bit depth as it relates to photos, does it work the same for video because I assume videos to be just a composite of many photos. Say we have a device recording 100mbps at 10-bits and another recording at 200mbps but at 8-bits, what will be the difference?

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