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      My system is adequate for it's main use, tracking our band, editing audio in Reaper.  The problem is that I occasionally edit GoPro footage of our dirt bike races and riding (my other hobby) . The system takes about 3 x realtime to render the footage. I do this on an "enthusiast/hobby" level . I am looking at upgrading in the next 6-9 months to an X99/i7-5820k/16Gb Ram system . Right now my system is an Asus P6T-se , i7-920 quad@2.66/3x2Gb 1600ram/barebone Ati vid card/Intel 530 SSD for Os, DC3700 SSD for libraries, 1Tb Veloc for active project data and a few WD Black 2TB drives for storage, acronis images, ect .


      I was thinking about adding a better video card so that I could do Gpu rendering in Vegas to speed up the rendering process, and this card would stay with me when I upgrade. I was looking at putting a radeon R9 290 (or Gtx760) and bumping up my DDR3 ram since it's so cheap now. I also use an Orico Hdd switch that allows me to have separate boot drives while the data drives are always powered, so I could add an SSD system drive with 64 bit windows just for editing the Video. (My current system is 32 bit which is adaquate for my main use, audio tracking and editing but cant use the extra ram.)  Any insight on this are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance !

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      You definitely want to upgrade to a 64-bit system.

      Which version of Vegas are you using? What GoPro do you have?

      THe Radeon R9 290 (or the 290X) model is highly recommended on several Vegas forums.



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