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      So at last, it will soon be decision time.

      I have just sold my JVC 170 4k Camcorder which produced, in my eyes, some great 4K video. Never had any problem with it BUT, I just wanted something smaller to carry on holiday for example, and ideally, something with a larger sensor. Having a camera and video in one would also be ideal but as I have Nikon FF gear not essential: although it would save having to take something as heavy and with a collection of lenses.

      My logic re the large sensor may be flawed, but is based on the assumption that the larger the sensor in a DSLR, usually the better the performance as more light gets on the sensor etc.

      However, I am also conscious of the need for a camera/video camera with a smaller footprint and preferably lighter.

      The JVC excelled in the fact that so many adjustments could be made whilst videoing because it had a raft of manual controls and was not menu driven etc. Adjustments could be made very quickly. Perhaps I may have to lose some of this flexibility as a compromise?

      I take video predominantly of my daughter show jumping and the JVC zoom of 12X has been more than adequate.

      A lot of video is shot outside in good lighting (probably responsible for my satisfaction with the camera) but on occasion, video is taken in dimly lit, indoor stadiums which can be quite dark with inadequate lighting.

      4K recording IS ESSENTIAL.

      I have therefore considered 2 camcorders

      Sony AX53 …but which appears to lack much in the way of manual control and has a small sensor: some say low light performance is not good.

      PANASONIC HC-VXF1….a new camcorder which is allegedly good in low light but I do not know what manual controls it may have.Panasonic

      In terms of cameras with 4K video these are what I thought

      FZ2000….this seems to be excellent BUT has a 4k crop so no wide angle. It does have a 1” sensor which presumably is better and of course ND filters. Also fully articulating touch screen.

      In terms of cameras with 4K, these are what I thought.

      Sony RX10 ii or iii….the ii with its fixed 2.8 lens would be great indoors and has ND filter…the iii being a newer model may have some benefits but has no ND filter.

      A second hand Sony A7s camera with a second hand Sony 18-200 power zoom lens ….this is a full frame camera which I assume would provide better video in low light, (having seen a demo of it operating up to 409600 iso!!!)

      I appreciate there will be other factors to consider for example the camera/videos f stop values etc.

      However, if people here, who are far more knowledgeable than me had to make a choice, I wonder what it would be and why.

      Look forward to any suggestions.

      Thank you


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      I'll be honest and say I'm a Sony guy though I can appreciate the cameras from other companies as well.

      I wouldn't be too worried about the low-light since it sounds like thats a rare occurrence. Also, one thing I have noticed about reviews with low light…everyone gets down on every camera's low light capabilities unless you can see in the dark with it or if its their favorite camera. It is kind of ridiculous but yeah.

      As for camera, the Sony AX53 would be my choice because of the long record times. If youre not recording longer than 29 minutes then the A7s will give you plenty of quality.

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