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      Hey everyone,

      I’m writing to share news about a new film and television iPad app that’s being used on Black-ish, The Mindy Project, Scandal, and other shows. It’s called Scriptation.

      Scriptation solves the problem of endless script revisions by allowing crew members to mark up scripts using PDF annotations and seamlessly transfer those annotations to their corresponding locations in the next draft in seconds. This new technology eliminates how crew members tediously copy the same script notes from one draft to the next!

      Emmy-winning director Michael Spiller helped develop the app and Emmy winner Rainn Wilson recently endorsed Scriptation in a promotional video:

      Check it out – It’ll save you and your crew a ton of time while on set.

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      yep – and everyone working from printed copies will have them missing, and you end up with too many versions on the go. It only works when the entire system is electronic. As soon as people have no signal or network capability then you move to print, and it goes wrong with one person having a page from v34 and somebody else still on v30. It can work – BUT only with one person dedicated to script reviews. Having everyone able to inout sounds like hell on legs!

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      Thanks, paulears. What would cause a crew to be on different versions? It sounds like you’re not a fan of technology.

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      On the contrary, but part of my van load of production manager kit is a printer that gets used to update scripts for those people who hate reading off screens – as yet nobody has produced a way of adding quick comments, changes and colours – so even with paper, we find some are on very different versions unless one of the assistants spends time constantly updating things for them.

      Even things like lists that get re-arranged cause grief with paper, and a paperless crew is a wonderful idea, but not possible for me yet. So somebody with V12 updates it to 13 with a few changes, this needs EVERYONE to update, even if their script doesn’t need it. It’s technology that makes life worse, not better (for me). Others may well love it!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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