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I am a student and need to make a dance music video in a club scene.
I am going to be using a jvc hm100e, which is not that friendly to light.
So was just wondering if i am filming in a night club, with strobe lights and the room itself if painted black and quite dark, how to i get the clarity of the picture. I only have access to red head lights. but these are quite bright.
I have light dimming paper sheets. was thinking of bouncing the light of the celing.
Basically how do i get the dark club look with good picture clarity and quality, with the equipment i have. Am i better of using green screen and just darkening the shot via software? please help or even keeping it fully lit with red heads, then just making it dark via software?


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Rather than bouncing off the ceiling, I'd take a couple of lights, gel them red or blue and point them down at the dancefloor to backlight the scene. The normal club lighting, strobes, etc should give you enough light to expose the scenes, the strong backlight will help separate talent from the black background and give some overall depth.  You may also want to play with getting some beer signs or some other motivated source and hanging on the furthest wall behind the dance floor to help define the black space  If that isn't an option, maybe another light geled a different color with some extras peppered in the area.  A smoke machine - even a cheap one from Party City is a HUGE bonus since it will pick up all the different colors of light.  A little smoke goes a long way.

Pick up a cheap gel pack like this and you'll have tons of colors to play with.



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