D810 ISO stuck in AUTO, Help

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I've searched the manual.
I can't figure out how to get my Nikon D810 out of AUTO ISO mode for video.

In the shooting menu I go to ISO sensitivity settings.
Then for Auto ISO Sensitivity control I've set it to OFF.

But I suspect this may be for the still camera not the video camera.

In the Shooting Menu I scroll down to Movie settings.
Then I scroll down to "Movie ISO sensitivity settings.
Then I choose "Auto ISO Control (mode M).
I toggle it to OFF and press OK.

But, when I turn the camera off, then back on, then put it in Live View the bottom of the LCD shows the ISO is still in AUTO.
Even if I then press the ISO button on the top left and rotate the rear thumbwheel the ISO does not change, though it will change for the still mode, just not for the video mode.

What's going on?