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      Hi, I would like to ask your help for a choice that is very difficult for my company. I set out to create a studio and I find two A & Blocations whose details are on picture in the link below.
      We seek to create a cyclorama that can be used for Renting, photography and video production (music videos and commercials mostly ) White and / or green cyclorama . Also both locations have the same Cost of rental.

      -what would you choose and why?
      – would it be possible to be comfortable to work in studio A with that pillar? (Wide shots, jib, dollies)
      – in terms of lighting which one of the two will be better for most scenarios.?
      – i’m probably wrong but but with the lighting inverse square law, it is not better to have an average height for better light output than too much height in this case?
      – Any advice on cyclorama size , ceiling color, and logistics will be welcome.

      Your answers will help me a lot in the realization of this project. thank you in advance!

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      Is there an alternative “C?” Neither of these spaces inspire me. In “A” the center pillar effectively creates two spaces, one 7.5m x 12.35m, the other 6.85 x 10.45. This might be an advantage should you put a blue cyc in one “room,” a white cyc in the other. The ceiling is high enough that you can hang a grid for lighting, a definite plus, will the ceiling support a grid? The calls-to-worship might present significant audio problems — as might the footsteps of the faithful on the floor above.

      The water leak is a red flag and could portend a variety of problems with the building’s infrastructure. You indicate it’s an older building: will there be enough electrical service to the building to handle your lighting demands? What about access doors for load-in? Will your clients be able to move in set pieces easily? Being in town is a plus; but is there adequate day-long parking for clients?

      For me the most significant drawback for location “B,” besides its distance from town, is the low ceiling height which would virtually rule out a lighting grid and would all but rule out the use of a jib or high-angle shots. Its length certainly works in its favor: you could create a curved cyc that completely filled one end of the building, which would be wonderful for shooting music videos or large-product commercials.

      Here again is the question of access. Are there doors wide enough and high enough to accommodate scenic pieces and client products. You don’t have to have a loading dock, but high double doors would be a plus.

      The red flag here is the “not very friendly contractor.” For a conversion such as you are contemplating I would be searching for a very friendly and imaginative contractor, one who could save me money through innovation and a positive approach to my unique needs.

      Good luck with your project. You can get by with either of these sites you are considering but if it were I doing this project I’d continue to look for spaces.

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      I’d not put money into either – the central pillar, the noise source and leak in one ring big warning bells – and the sound thing will be two way – their noise stops your work, but what about your noise? The other one will be a problem because the 16:9 image means you cannot pull back without revealing the top of the cyc. For a studio space these sizes, the minimum electrical supply I’d accept would be 3 phase 63A.

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