Cyberlink vs. Adobe? Need Help!

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      Hello, I'm new to videography and was looking for software editing advice. It appears there is virtualy zero support or tutorial inftrastructure for Cyberink's Power Director12. In addition, from everything I've read (including personal experince), Cyberlink has a bad reputation for customer service. A colleague  recommended Dirctor's Suite, so I purchased it and have really regretted the decision ever since.


      How about Adobe Premier Pro? It appears most videographers are using Adobe and they have a solid reputation for education and supprt. I have even noticed that Videomaker has complete training for CS4…can anyone recommend…would it also apply to CS6?

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      The biggest drawback to anything from Adobe these days is that they've gone to a subscription model which means that you can no longer purchase individual products, only a monthly subscription to their entire offering. This has both good and bad points that are up to you to decide the value.

      If you're looking for something inexpensive but good, take a look at the various offerings from Sony, specifically the Movie Studio line. Movie Studio 13 is only $50 with other packages available for more money. You can upgrade at any time to Vegas Pro if you decide to go that route in the future. and for the details.



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      I agree. I have been using Vegas Pro for more than 10 years. Most of what I know I figured out on my own, because the interface is that intuitive. What little I had to have help learning was easy to find in tutorials via Google searches. 

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      I've been using Vegas since it was an audio only app in version 1.0 and I learned it by playing with it. I work at a local community college and can get students up and runnig doing basic editing in under an hour.



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      I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, it'll probably be my editing platform for the next 10 years or more.  Sure, there are those who just have to have the latest (Premire Pro CC) but I'm not one of them.  CS5 meets my needs.



      I have nothing against Sony Vegas.  In fact, I'm envious that they haven't scrogged their user base by going with the subscription model…

Viewing 4 reply threads
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