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      I have a problem that is a catch-22 no matter how I approach it. I have recorded a screen capture video using QuickTime. This screen capture has the dimensions of a mobile phone (tall and narrow). It looks great, except that it is in .mov format. I need it to be either mp4 or h.264. I can convert it easily enough using iMovie, but as soon as I do, I lose my dimensions since iMovie insists on using theatre-style dimensions (short and wide) and pads my video with black on both sides.

      I can’t have this since it will play on a mobile phone. I need my original dimensions to survive with no padding. I’ve tried to find software that will allow me to crop my video to remove the padding that iMovie imposed upon me, but nothing works. I’ve also tried to find software that will convert my .mov format to .mp4 without changing the dimensions, but also unsuccessful.

      Can any help me figure out how to get from .mov with tall and narrow dimensions over to either .mp4 or h.264 without losing my dimensions? Video quality is NOT my primary goal, so free and open source are very desirable. Thank you!

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      I haven’t tried this, but confronted with your problem I’d probably see if Handbrake could do the job. It’s free and provides a great deal of control.

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      Thanks very much for this suggestion. It worked perfectly. I didn’t have to mess around with cropping, etc. It just converted my .mov files to .mp4 while retaining the original dimensions. Complete home run. Thanks again!

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      I haven’t used iMovie for converting or editing videos before. If you need to convert .mov to .mp4 or h.264 without changing the dimension, I would advise you to use video converter tools. Like using Handbrake, you just need to choose the output format as .mp4, and then it will help you convert file to mp4 while retaining original dimension. There are many kinds of free services on the internet right now, for example: video grabber, clipconverter, freemake, any video converter. If you don’t know how to use them, you may refer to this:

Viewing 3 reply threads
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