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      Can i get you guys to critique my video and offer suggestions fot video improvement.  used apple imovie to put together but im looking for help with the actual clips.


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      Interesting video.  Looks like you and your friends had a lot of fun putting it together, but technically it's a big no-no when you use copyright material such as someone else's song without their permission .  If it's for home use, in school or a non-monetized YouTube site you can probably get away with it…but if your YouTube site is monetized and you're earning any revenue from it then YouTube and/or the recording company that holds the license will probably ask you to remove it.



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      Moab Man

      What "theonecanoe" said.


      However, it looks like this was for Homecoming and would serve your purpose well. Only thing I would add is for the actual talking at the end they needed to be on microphones. The wind noise and the distance from camera the voices were a bit quiet.


      It looks like it was goofy fun. Loved the awkwardness at times when your actors are doing something and they can't help but say, "I look ridiculous." I enjoyed it.

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      Looks like you had a lot of fun making this one. A few things bother me. Shots that should be rock solid are a bit jerky (such as when they are singing We Built this City at :10). There is a painfully obvious bad audio edit at 1:34. I would also end some of the takes before the talent walks off of the screen. It is as if you kept it going too long. Watching people's mouth move when you cannot hear what they are saying is annoying (2:05). Better to get them not talking.


      I would also lose the canned transistion presets between scenes. It does not add anything to it other than "looking cool". I would give you a B- for the production and an A- for effort. Just fixing those few parts mentioned above would make it go from amateurish looking to semi pro. Good luck.

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