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      Hey guys. Above is a video I made for a clothing brand. I would appreciate some feedback on the video! Such feedback could include topics upon color grading, pacing of video, framing, tone of video, music, sound design, ETC.



      Thank you!

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      Some of the effects made me jump – especially the quick sideways shake. Others seemed toi have movement in the frame just before the effect completed. Music worked fine I thought. The biggest thing for me was stability. Shaky static shots and horizons – the fence at the end? Needs making horizontal. Gimbals or jibs need to be on the list really – nowadays handheld without stabilisation is gone – the era of wobblycam (thankfully) appears to have gone. Other than that – it holds together nicely.

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      This is a promo about "Big Muscle Guy," not about "Leomicci." Your first five shots are closeups of an athlete, shown without context, devoid of any information. Then we see a name on a slightly moving black background. No indication of what that name means or whether it is in some mysterious manner connected with Big Muscle Guy.

      Then a shot of BMG reaching for weights, followed by a CU of jacket being unzipped — a jacket we've never seen before, have no reason to associate with Leomicci, and can't figure out why it appears at this moment when every shot of BMG to this point shows him in a tank top. Then we cut back to weight lifting.

      Shot of BMG from behind in chair; CU of face again, followed by shots at railing, none of which show the jacket, which I assume is the product, full length.

      It's a mish-mash of images, none of which feature the company or product you're promoting, and none of which tell a story.

      The "music" is a complete downer; it doesn't convey the strength of your actor and his activity for me and it does nothing to punch the product/company.

      If you were Leomicci would you pay hundreds of dollars a second to put this ad for your company on TV?

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      terry duignan

      Can anyone help me? I own a yuneec 500 4k drone. Whenever I watch the footage recorded on it, straight off the micro sd card and into the computer, it’s perfect. However, as soon as I import the footage into any video editing programme, a horrible shimmering appears on the footage. I’ve tried all the different settings, but I can’t get rid of it. Any ideas please?

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