Critique my wedding videography marketing, and tips, please?

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      Hello, I have found wedding videography to be a solid way for me to gain income. Some background… I am the owner of Caridiography Video (, and I do all of my shoots alone. I've done 8 or 9 weddings alone with a Canon 5DmII and some portable equipment… sound is all done from a Rode VideoMic attached to the camera, which has worked just well for my purposes. Most of my wedding/event gigs were found by people responding to my Craigslist ads (Sample:

      Now, first of all, I would welcome any critique of my website and ad. I think I am very genuine and honest about myself and my work process, but do not really target any specific niche.

      I charge $500 for a half-day shoot (5 or less hours of shooting, a 30-40 minute edit, DVD creation) and $800 for a full day shoot (same thing, but for more than 5 hours, of coruse). I was recently told that since my prices are low, I may actually get less business. A photographer I worked with at my last wedding said that she was a part of, hm, the Wedding Photojournalist Association, paid a yearly fee, and her $1700 charge was the cheapest in her area on the site! Which sounded absurd to me! I don't have the money to go on The Knot, or be a part of WEVA, etc.

      So, what are ways I can shift (part of) my "image" to get wedding video clients, and what are ways to do that outside of Craigslist? Should I make a separate website solely for weddings, and charge extra and have detailed packages on that one?

      Thanks so much for any advice!! I have been doing freelance videography for 3 years now professionally, and these days, if I DO get work, it's commercial. I put much of my mental energy towards both my films and personal life while trudging financially, and I really need to do something to step up. I network a lot… but yes, I am straying from the question, I am asking about wedding video business tips!

      Thanks again,
      Jason Caridi

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