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Hello friends, this is the second video that I have edited. I used Kdenlive (on Linux). No prior editing experience on other softwares. Keeping aside the issue of the editing software for this discussion, how can I improve on my editing instincts, ex: pacing, story building, color palettes, etc.

Please provide necessary feedback for being a better editor. Editing on the beats, color correction/grading, better titles, audio sync and noise correction are some of the issues I faced.
What are the tools for doing:
1. Color correction
2. Titles and Font animations
3. Audio editing and Noise Reduction
4. AfterEffects styled animations, edits and titles.

Thank You!

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Until you get good understanding genres, I'm not sure you want to get to your four questions. Being an editor tells the story. It lets the viewer understand where, when, why, what and how the things we see relate to each other. This video is a random collection of throw away clips from a day out. Who are they? What are they going to do? why are they doing what we see? How do we work out what is going on - is it a documentary or something else? Why do they keep suddenly going into fast motion? what for?

It isn't a music video, so why would you cut on the beat - background music isn't supposed to be listened to, it's meant to set the mood, add drama, create tension or relaxation.

Some of the shots are shaky, blurry, low in contrast, high in contrast and generally uncontrolled. Some of the edits seem to make a person in the video stand out - then they just vanish? Until you sort out these basics, colour correction is icing on the not yet set cake.

Titles and captions just need to fit the product, so while there are rules on locations, these tend to fit more formal projects. Feel free to break the rules in a pop video, but keep to them in a documentary about something dull. Font animations - no idea. These are rarely thought of first.
Audio editing is an entire subject in itself, and nowadays is handled by the mainstream DAWs, but again, if you are Linux based, your choice is limited, but the free ones that will run on your platform are pretty good. Levels, quality, compression, limiting, eq, spacial processing with zillions of reverbs available for some DAWs. You're looking at multi-track creations, and it's deep and hard work. Noise reduction is a repair tool. It shouldn't need to be used, and when it is, it's a rough fix for occasional use.

After effects is absolutely something for later once you have the basics.

Telling the story is paramount. Yours just seems a collection of clips joined together, and quite difficult to watch.

Clearly English is not your first language, and of course my attempts at your language would be hopeless, but I did have trouble understanding what was said. I suspect that there was no planning and no re-shooting of the 'scenes', so you just had a fun day, and had a collection of random stuff. After all the years I've been doing it, I'm not a good natural editor, I always struggle to make it flow, but get there in the end. The editors nightmare when I was editing TV stuff was where a cameraman was given no brief, just a location - so he brought back loads of stuff and I had to make it into a two minute, or three minute piece. It's so difficult to do.

So - you need to practice telling the stories and don't worry so much about gizmos and treatments.